featured in Web Designer Depot’s newsletter

htmlsig featured in webdesigner depot newsletter

A while back I created a simple website that allows you to quickly create an email signature for your email clients such as gmail, apple mail, outlook and other email clients. This morning it was featured on Web Designer Depot . Check it out

Raspberry Pi tweet temperature


I wrote a small python script to tweet my aquariums temperature so that i can monitor it as I raise the temperature slowly to 86°F to fight an ich outbreak :-( .

A few days with the Fitbit Flex


Getting started with the Fitbit was very simple; from taking it out of the packaging it took about 20 minutes to get a full charge and sync it with my phone. From there it was ready to go on my arm.

Refreshing the look of my blog

I have a few personal projects that i would like to blog about as i go about developing them so this felt like a good time to refresh the blog.

Getting started with the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi in case connected to a Sainsmart relay board

The Raspberry Pi is a cheap underpowered computer that you can buy for $35 if you are willing to wait a little or about $46 -50 on Amazon and get it the next day. The specs of this small computer are pretty weak, the unit i’m currently using is the version B board and comes with […]

Interesting way to list social network icons

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 12.13.31 PM

I hate how each social service has its own interactive embed code that can’t be modified, they have their own icon sizes and container div sizes. This method used by is pretty interesting and allows for better styling.

Bamboo iPad stylus


Yesterday I purchased the Bamboo Stylus for iPad. I’ve seen it being used with the Paper53 iPad app in their demo video and it seemed a lot better then my previous stylus which would stick to the screen. The bamboo stylus works very y well with the iPads screen, if you are used to drawing […]