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Bamboo iPad stylus

Yesterday I purchased the Bamboo Stylus for iPad. I’ve seen it being used with the Paper53 iPad app in their demo video and it seemed a lot better then my previous stylus which would stick to the screen. The bamboo stylus works very y well with the iPads screen, if you are used to drawing you might need some adjusting to the way the different apps process the strokes. I’ve been using the stylus with the bamboo paper app and I must say its very useful.

For now I’ve been using it to sketch random characters and also taking notes mostly in the free Bamboo paper app.  One complaint about the pen is that the rubber tip is very fragile, my pen fell and the tip hit the ground first and cracked open I had to go replace it at the store because even though Bamboo sells replacements they are out of stock.


  • Heavy and good construction
  • Smooth tip (unlike the cheap ones that stick to the screen)
  • Bamboo paper app works well with the pen


  • Tip doesn’t seem to last long, mine broke after falling once and i’ve seen many posts online about others complaining about how long they last.
  • Replacement tips are currently out of stock on Bamboo’s website
  • Bamboo Paper app has a limited free version but for all the features its an extra $1.99
  • Bamboo app doesn’t have enough primary colors. (no red , no yellow!)