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Flipboard VS Zite

Theres always been a bunch of good RSS readers for the iPad since it launched like NewsRack (paid app) and Reeder (paid app) but both these apps were replicating what we are used to when reading rss feeds on a computer screen but at a slower pace and that turned me off so I would keep going back to my desktop browser and loading googles online rss reader.

In early 2010 Flipboard (free app) was released and changed it all, it came with a different approach, it displayed your news feeds and social feeds in a magazine style that was more pleasing to the eye and also made reading on the iPad feel more like reading from a magazine. Flipboard was great but after a few months of constantly using it I felt that I might be missing out on some important content from my news feed so again I went back to my google reader in the browser.


Zite (free app) , recently released on the other hand learns what you like and can feed you with the news you might want to read and this is a big feature that Flipboard could use, this is one of the core features you find Fever a paid self hosted rss reader. The design of the application “Zite” is far from being as good as Flipboard but function wise Zite takes the lead. they’ve been really good at adding user requested features such as Instapaper sharing.