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Shooting the Nightscape of Miami

Since I moved down to Miami I’ve been trying to go on the 395 bridge and take this shot, but the sidewalk has been closed due to the construction in the area. Friday night I decided to give it a try and ignore the closed sidewalk signs “I had seen some homeless guys sleeping there a few weeks ago”. Loaded my backpack with my camera 2 lenses and my tripod and took my bicycle and headed to the bridge.

I don’t have a great selection of lenses but I do my best with the few that I have. I tried using my 50 mm for the shot but the cropping wouldn’t be wide enough, I instead used my 24mm f1.8 lens which allowed me to get both the city and the nicely lit bridge. Now to make sure that I captured the most data I took 3 shots and used photoshops HDR merge to expose my final shot.

24mm F11 30 Sec

24mm F11 13 Sec

24mm F11 13 Sec

24mm F11 20 Sec