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WordPress Snippet library using CodeBox app

On a daily basis I write the same wordpress codes over and over, sometimes I even open previous projects to copy paste some code. I use mac rabbits espresso as a text editor, it comes with a pretty decent snippet manager but where CodeBox comes in handy is that I can share my snippet library with other developers no matter what application they use for development and using Dropbox I can keep both my computers snippet library in sync.

One of my favorite features of codebox is a little helper called codebar that allows you to quickly paste your snippets in the frontmost app.

I’ve included my main WordPress library for you to download. In it you will find my most used lines of code that I use on a daily basis. Feel free to expand it and modify it to fit your need.

  • Custom fields
  • Query posts
  • Loop
  • Thumbnail support with custom sizes
  • Deregister JS and CSS
  • Template path
  • And more

Download WP snippets library file